Nebulizer with Touch Sensor Light Switch


Nebulizers disperse a condensed amount of essential oil, and are good for an acute or short-term illness. Do not use with pets or young children. Do not use for longer than recommended amount of time. If you want to diffuse for a longer period of time, then I would suggest an ultrasonic diffuser, they disperse a blend of essential oil and water. Place 2-4 milliliters (40-80 drops) of essential oil into the glass basin or other holding area. Turn the diffuser on. The standard recommended time for a nebulizing diffuser is 15 minutes for every 60-80 minutes. The ionized micro droplets will stay suspended in the air during the time the diffuser is off. Some of the main things to consider when choosing between the two are sound, humidity, and efficacy. While a diffuser does make a little bit of noise, it’s typically just the slight sound of the water percolating out. The sound of a nebulizer is a little bit less pleasant as it makes something of a buzzing sound while running. If you are someone who constantly needs a very quiet space, then a nebulizer probably is not the best choice for you.



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