Ology Niaouli MQV Essential Oil



15 ml (0.5 ounce)

Niaouli MQV Essential Oil, Cineole type, is steam distilled from the leaves of Melaleuca quinquinervia veridiflora. As a member of the melaleuca family it has many of the properties of tea tree oil, but possesses a much more pleasant aroma.

Ology Essential carries only pure unadulterated essential oils.

Latin Name: Melaleuca quinquenervia (Cav.)
Source: Spain
Note: Top
Method: Steam Distilled

CAUTION: Do not use essential oils undiluted. Do not consume essential oils. No matter what the brand is, internal use is not safe without being under the care of a practitioner trained in Aromamedicine and the use of an aromatogram. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or have a medical condition consult your physician before using.

Special Precautions & Warnings: Space the use of Niaouli away from taking homeopathic remedies as it may act as an antidote to the remedy. Care must be taken when using 1,8 cineole oils with asthmatics. Not to be used with babies or children under 5 years of age on their faces.

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