“I just want to thank you so much for turning me onto the trauma stick for pain! I was working several hours cleaning out a garage yesterday and used it on my neck. It was almost instant that my pain ceased. Then today I was having some stiffness in my knee, (might be some arthritis) and put some on, that almost immediately had the pain gone! So I will definitely be getting more of this from you.”— J. Consolver, Union Star, MO

“Just wanted Plant Serums to know that the Eczema stick seems to be having a positive effect. I started using it last Sunday night, and my eczema rash has cleared considerably.”— J. Furst, Lawrence, KS

“I use Plant Serums products and love them all. The Tranquility roll-on gives me relaxing sleep, the inhalers are great and the hand cleaner is wonderful. I am so glad I met Mary and use her products.”— C. Evans, Lawrence, KS

“I could feel a slight headache coming on one day after work and used the Headache Roll-On over my temples. Immediately the headache went completely away. I know that the treatment of migraines is very difficult, but this would be a naturalistic way to help with symptoms at the beginning stage before a full-blown migraine has set in. It is also convenient to carry in your purse as well.”— T Robb, APRN, Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates, P.A., Lawrence, KS

“My granddaughter was visiting me and was complaining of feeling queasy. I just happened to have a Nausea Aromastick on hand. After using it, she looked at me and amazingly state, “It works.” I have used other Aromasticks, like Sunny Side Up, Good Morning, Serenity, and Restore…they DO work.”— M. Crowder, Lawrence, KS

“I am using the Trauma Pain Cream, I have RA and nothing non-narcotic the doctors prescribed wouldn’t relieve the pain. It’s wonderful! I haven’t had any issues with my fingers for about two weeks and when I feel start to feel pain, I just rub that through my fingers and joints.”— A. Cowper, Lawrence, Kansas

“I get migraines and they really hurt. My neighbor owns Plant Serums, and one day I had a migraine, so I bought the Headache roll-on, and within a half hour, my headache was gone. I sure was glad it worked.”— Sandy Johnson., Lawrence, KS

“Recently our family tried the Itch Stick/Repel from Plant Serums! I have a tough crowd to please. Both our daughters get huge “tumor-like” lumps from mosquito bites. THEY LOVED ITCH STICK! Such soothing relief! A great product in our book!”— S. Bay, Lawrence, KS

“My son uses the acne pack, that has a castile soap and a facial/body scrub, the stuff works great for him.” N. Kelley, Lawrence, KS

“My kids have been using the Acne Packs for over a year now. It reversed my son’s inflammatory acne, and there’s no scarring or adverse effects. My daughters was non-inflammatory and her skin is blemish free. Highly recommend if you have a teenager with acne.” R. Rea, Lawrence, KS

I purchased the Aromatic CBD Arnica Gel and applied it to my hands and wrist, the pain (from my arthritis) started to subside. I applied it again a few minutes later, and the pain disappeared. I have tried everything prescription-wise, and this is the only thing that has relieved my arthritis pain. I now take the Broad Spectrum CBD oil that Plant Serums sells, and I find I am using the topical less and less. Ruth F., Lawrence, KS

I have a metal rod in my leg from an accident, and I have used a couple of Plant Serums products. The Triple Blue Trauma-Eze Stick took the edge off the pain in my leg, but then I purchased the Aromatic CBD Arnica Gel. This gel is awesome, it doesn’t stain your clothes, it smells good (not overpowering), and it works. Robert T., Concord, CA

I ordered Aromatic CBD Arnica Gel, but without the essential oils added. I used it on my children who are active in sports. I don’t want to have to worry about essential oils that aren’t safe for young children, and I know I can trust what Plant Serums sells. This product is like all of Plant Serums products, it works. Jane J., Lawrence, KS