Education: Private Education and Consulting Services

Are you ready to look at your health in a whole new way? It is as easy as sending an email.

I get many requests from people asking me if I have a suggestion for a particular health issue, and often there is an aromatic and therapeutic approach to the issue. ‚ÄčI have a solid education in aromatherapy with trusted schools. It takes time and research to come up with an appropriate blend or protocol. So, whether if you have health concerns or you need a custom blended product you can email me at! All consultations and pick-ups are by appointment. Once I have received your email address I will send you a consultation form. This should be filled out completely so that I know your health history, medications, and allergies.

I also teach classes on a variety of aromatherapy subjects. I can do a group or one on one. For more information please contact me at or leave a message on the website.




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